Friday, November 23, 2012

Occupy Cal Demands from Nov 15 2011

Local Demands:

1. Respect Free Speech, including the right to set up tents.

2. Immediate resignation of Birgeneau, Breslauer, LeGrande, & Celaya; democratic election of their replacements by students, faculty & staff.

3. Charge the police responsible for brutalizing protesters.  No use of force against protests on campus.

4. Amnesty for all protesters

5. Make UC Berkeley a sanctuary campus for undocumented people.  Pass the UC-wide Dream Act.

6. Equal benefits and retirement security for UC union workers.

Statewide Demands:

7. Reverse the fee hikes, cuts, and layoffs to at least their 2009 levels.

8. Refund public education and public services: Tax the banks and billionaires; Repeal Prop 13.

9. Full implementation of Affirmative Action. Overturn Prop 209.

Nationwide Demands:

10. Stop the privatization of public education.

11. Bail out schools and public services. Redirect military funding to education.

12. Immediate forgiveness of all student debt.

13. Repeal Race to the Top.

14. Stop the attacks on Teachers' Unions.

And for the Record, and additional Demand was added at the Occupy Cal General Assembly on February 9th 2012.

15. In solidarity with Occupy UC Davis, Occupy Cal at UC Berkeley also calls for the resignation of Katehi.

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