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In my five previous posts (1    2    3    4    5) I've exhaustively covered how radical, populist activism with winnable campaigns have been ratfucked at UC Berkeley these past three years by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union.

But those articles are long, and it's time to bullet point it.

1.     I accuse the plutocracy of destroying Occupy Wall Street, the largest sustained ~leftist mass-movement in the USA in 40-plus years, by using their pawns in the Executive Branch of the US government to order the DHS to coordinate raids on Occupy encampments in cities across the country.

2.     I accuse the pawns of the Democratic National Committee, the corrupt Labor Union bureaucracies, of withdrawing their support from Occupy, and forming the counter-movement the "99% Spring".

3.     I accuse one of the largest Union backers of the 99% Spring, the UAW, of mobilizing members of the local UAW 2865, which represents 13,000 graduate student-workers at the University of California, as infiltrators and Agent Moderators to sabotage Occupy Cal and their thousands strong movement by forming the split group Occupy Education.

4.     I accuse Occupy Education/UAW 2865 of misappropriating tens of thousands of dollars away from Occupy Cal's public 501c3 donations into their own private, non-transparent coffers.

5.     I accuse Occupy Education/UAW 2865 of abusing the Occupy General Assemblies' modified consensus voting format, by continuously stacking the vote with their bloc, needing only 20% plus 1, to vote down more radical (yet populist and winnable) demands, to vote down direct actions, to vote down music and dancing, to vote down a #copsoffcampus-type mobilization versus the outrageous police brutality sustained by students at Occupy Cal and Occupy UC Davis.

6.     I accuse the person "AA" of using her elected position within the UAW 2865 hierarchy to manipulate student activists; one notable example: threatening Occupy Cal students into not attending a #copsoffcampus #FTP solidarity march that Occupy Oakland was having at UC Berkeley.

7.     I accuse the ReclaimUC collective, of which AA is a member, of using their activist cache/capital (alliances with leftist publications, magazines, etc) they've gained over the years in writing against the UC system to promote Occupy Education/UAW propaganda and give them unearned credibility.

8.     I accuse ReclaimUC of outright hypocrisy in promoting the UAW/Occupy Education, which was by all honest accounting, a moderate, liberal, centrist Democratic Party affair- exactly the kind of bullshit they wrote strongly against for years prior on their blog!

9.     I accuse ReclaimUC/UAW2865 of forming many Alphabet Soup front groups to mask allegiances to the UAW hierarchy and to deflect criticism and accountability for at least seven straight semesters of failed student activism campaigns: the past three years the UAW2865 has been the front for the ADWU, RS, OFC, PEC, Occupy Education, Occupy CA, SDU, SCSC, CPE, CPC and others.

10.     I accuse ReclaimUC/UAW2865 of engaging in a years long sustained smear/slander campaign against members of Occupy Cal, Open University, and bpOffCampus; baselessly calling us "conspiracy theorists",  sexists, misogynists, and cops and government agents, endangering us by snitchjacketing us: they've never agreed to many calls over the years for an open public debate regarding these matters facilitated by a neutral third party "Safer Spaces" conflict-resolution moderators.

11.     I accuse ReclaimUC/UAW2865/ADWU of embezzling/misappropriating countless thousands (or even even millions) of dollars from the UAW2865 union dues coffers; a charge that is also leveled at them from factions within their own union:  This money certainly did not go towards a winning contract strike campaign; a campaign that failed to get most UAW2865 student-workers a living wage/off of food stamps.

12.     I accuse the Stalinist leadership cabal of Occupy The Farm (OTF) of being in league with ReclaimUC/UAW2865 stemming back from the anti-tuition-hike "Wheeler Hall" protests of 2009.

13.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of abandoning their Occupy Oakland/Occupy Los Angeles "duties" in 2012 prior to OTF, to produce/star in a Reality TV series that appeared on Premium Cable, which featured overt UAW 2865/Occupy Education propaganda.

14.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of promoting Occupy The Farm as an open, leaderless, non-hierarchical movement but using every opportunity to thwart democracy to advance their insular clique's limited, self-serving objectives.

15.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of exploiting the labor of hundreds of volunteer activists' physical labor and personal endangerment (risking and actually being arrested, brutalized by the UCPD), at Occupy The Farm to that end.

16.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of limiting the hundreds of Occupy The Farm participants' broad vision of where the movement could go, into an extremely limited goal of making a UC Berkeley run gardening club and an anti-mini-mall campaign: explicitly so their clique could remain leaders and reap all the accolades.

17.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of self serving cowardice in not planting cannabis hemp on UC property at Occupy The Farm, which is something that even the California State Legislature has wanted to do/voted in favor of for over 15 years.  This could have broadened the movement to bring about greater agricultural reform, ending the drug war, ending the prison industrial complex, etc.

18.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of wasting/stealing hundreds of thousands of movement dollars in non-transparent accounting on a 3 year failed campaign, including throwing money away for an 18 month over-due Occupy The Farm Film that will serve little but a Vanity Project for their insular clique.

19.     I accuse the OTF Stalinists of outright selfishness over solidarity, never supporting any cause but their own, never helping those who spent so much time, labor, and risk for them.

20.     I accuse the exo facto leader of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley, Jack Weinberg, of being an unquestioning uncritical union hack, who used the FSM 50th Anniversary as a public platform to promote UAW2865/OTF Stalinists, and whitewash the history of Occupy Cal.

21.     I accuse the autocrat who runs the @OccupyOakland Twitter account of hijacking the social media platform in a similar fashion to how the Occupy Wall Street Twitter accounts were stolen:  This individual usurped the account, in part, to promote their Stalinist clique-friends in OTF/ReclaimUC/UAW2865.

     It is crucial to expose these Stalinists who are hijacking student activism at and around UC Berkeley!  Not just for the sake of saving campus activism locally, but to recognize these ratfucking tactics in how they destroyed radical activism in the Bay Area, California, and across the nation.  UC Berkeley is of critical importance; for the past 50 years it has been at the vanguard of social justice activism: as goes Cal, so goes the nation.  To allow this tiny minority yet highly influential, connected cabal of Stalinists to take over student activism campaigns for another 3 years is absolutely unconscionable.  Stop playing deaf and dumb and get actively involved!  If you are an activist or a merely a concerned citizen: spread the word, expose these fuckers, so genuine, populist democratic movements can prevail.






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